In the  present workshop the actor is led to exercise and practice the special acting abilities via the exercises and steps of the Sanford Meisner technique for approaching the role.

Scenes from plays, TV. and movie sprits are provided to the actor, who learns to recognize, activate and direct the energies – actions of the text through his/her own abilities and senses. This technique helps the actor to hone the basic instruments of management dynamics which takes place in a tension or conflict-scene.


In the present workshop we apply the Uta Hagen technique, which is based on the right questions that actor asks himself/herself in order to approach his/her role. That is to say, in order to detect the level from which he/she will act. The questions are concrete and are provided at the beginning of the workshop, so that the process of approaching to be successively ongoing and understandable by the actor.


A program planned for actors who wish to prepare themselves for the audition period in and out of Greece. The selection of the monologues is made in cooperation with the actor himself. The way we work is methodical, in order for  the actor to be  able to act according to his/her own abilities and to express precisely this which inspires him/her.


It is a course focuses on the preparation of students-actors who wish to apply for entry exams at the Drama School of the Ministry of Culture, of the National Theatre of Greece as well as at  Drama Schools abroad.

The preparation is conducted by learning the monologues that the student-actor selects and by their fully comprehension by him/her. The preparation also includes improvisation and role interpretation exercises, based on the use of the actor’s speech and senses in it.

The preparation may be delivered also in English language for those who wish to study in schools or colleges abroad.

The program is adapted according to the facilities and the abilities that each actor possesses.

The material is selected based on the actor’s personality and physical presence so that he may express directly his latent acting abilities.

The preparation may be conducted in individual or group meetings.

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