What is Coaching?

Coaching is the  methodology that leads the actor  to come in contact with his/her abilities, to be able to express  his/her potential in the work  is called to  accomplish  in collaboration  with his/her own self, with the director and the rest  actors of the casting of a given production.
With this process, the actor receives answers to all of his/her questions and deals successfully with the possible difficulties associated with the role. Practical exercises and games help him to simplify the approach to the role.
Coaching is acting; not theory.
Coaching is a process during which one passes from the fear of exposure to the achievement of the goal, which is the role!

What does Coaching offer?

With this methodology, the actor discovers the ability he wishes to strengthen, expand and develop. The practice consists of values and dynamics which the actor learns through exercises and acting techniques.
"Acting is a learnable Ability" Sanford Meisner

Who needs to attend Coaching?

Every actor who wishes to improve his instruments and abilities in order to meet the demands of his own talent. We all possess the talent; and in particular the one of evolution, provided that we activate it by exercise.  Coaching contributes to surpass ourselves in NOW with knowledge and   caution and to broaden the boundaries of our creativity both as artists and as professionals.

Coaching may also  seek:

• a director,
• a producer,
• a Stage manager,
• a Casting Director
• a writer, a translator  in relation with the director and the actors,
• a script-writer

Which possible issues of an actor may  need  Coaching?

Coaching in issues relevant  to:

• part,
• balance between text and action,
• speech training,
• stress on stage and in front of the camera,
• audition stress,
• presentation,
• insight of cognitive subject  concerning acting techniques ,
• relationship with a fellow-actor.
• relationships with the director (keeping pace with, comprehending guidelines,

conflicts concerning the  role, perceiving  the role e.t.c.)
• Personal involvement and inhibitions concerning the role,
• imagination and realizing ideas,
• motion and expression,
• connection,
• goal achievement, role e.t.c.
• any other issue that my cause blockage of the actors’ creativity and progress
(issues  related to personality, habits, beliefs)

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