Move on Short Film Project

A team of young creators is the first creative outcome in the field of short films production.
The team is made up of actors, screenwriters, and directors working towards a common goal that is to make films collectively and progress as a whole. They result from participation in workshops that have a professional identity and work education program.
There are three different dynamics. The first is the systematic work of scriptwriters and the submission of their scripts after thematic studies. Following is the selection of the specific scripts by the nominees participating filmmakers and finally the cast members who are members of the Meisner Camera Acting teams.
All three work together to create a material that inspires everyone and brings their creative team together.

– Scriptwriters
– Directors
– Actors

The “Mone On Short Film Project” is in the process of implementing the first short films.
Soon, the titles, the producers of the films and their other contributors will be announced.