Script Writing

Online in three Parts

In this workshop we learn how to structure and write scripts for short and feature film.
The writing method and steps are given through exercises that simply organize the ideas and thoughts of the participant. Every idea needs a practical way to take shape through the use of the author’s language and personal expression.

Course content is structured to help and inspire the participating potential author, and lead him to simply write and implement his idea. Thus, line by line, he manages to write comfortably and simply with result and project submission.

The course is in three parts. Each workshop lasts three months.

A part: October 7th – December 16th 2020
B part: January 6th – March 24th 2021
C part: March 31st – June 9th 2021

Online workshop

Every Tuesday: Assighments 

Every Wednesday: Notes and Theory


Fee: 65o € 

Τ: 694 721 8195

Assignment Day: Every Tuesday 23:59
New Material: Every Wednesday 23:59
Online / email
Fee: 250 € / each part