Shakespeare acting

William Shakespeare was not just a playwright. He was first and foremost an actor who knew the requirements of theatrical . Writing in his early works was based on the conventional style of the time.
He wrote them in linguistic motifs that were stereotypical representations of characters or drama. He wrote specifically for the actor and not for the reader. The time of 1564-1616 was the period of Elizabeth’s reign where he founded his own theatrical activity with the “Lord Chamberlain’s Men”.

We learn Shakespeare’s writing technique so that we can understand the story of the play and its Characters.
We apply:
– The iambic pentameter in English and Greek – Rhythm and musicality / Symbols / The reflection of the ten-sentence syllable (foot / finger)
– The verse/ run on line
– The rhythm of each line
– The speed of the pentameter
– Other tachnicallities such cintractions, elision and anomalies

The workshop is given in 2 terms (each term is a trimester)

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