Special Seminars

Technical workshop
Addressed to stage actors, students and graduates of drama schools.

A workshop where we learn how to create the Role feeling, generate it and live it in seconds, without having any imprint of this process.
Usually, the actors are exhausted by the process of finding out what the Role’s feeling is and how they will express it to the public so that they can be true.
The Technique of Emotional Applying to Acting teaches us to be able to participate in or create one’s emotion without actually having any emotion.
We apply a series of breathing excercises to understand how a particular feeling is built. Emotions are applied by the process of breathing and the word of the text used by the actor.

Technical workshop
In this tutorial we learn how to read and learn the words of our Role quickly and easily. We do a series of exercises that will lead us to the proper reading and learning techniques of the text, based on the structure and interpretation of the words.
We practice three different techniques that will give us confidence and time to work on the role more directly and creatively.
We work on texts that may seem difficult and structurally incomprehensible to us. We will also pay the necessary attention to the breathing and Semiotics of grammar and punctuation.
A Syllabus for warming up – workshop for Actors and Directors
AlphaBet is an actor warm up tool, before practicing and working on stage or a set.
The voice and body need to be warmed up and expanded so that the actor can use his abilities during rehearsal, shooting and/or performance. Actor’s expressive media needs proper care and attention for maximum and creative results.

Instructors :
Olga George | Acting Coach, Director, NLP Life Coach
Panayotis Terzakis | Voice and Speech Coach