Stage Direction

This workshop is aimed at actors, directors, and educators-educators from school and youth theater groups who want to acquire Methodology in their work and be able to implement their ideas effectively and creatively. This strengthens the Director’s position and energizes him towards the ultimate outcome and success of a production, both financially and artistically. The Director is invited to communicate with his colleagues in a professional and clear manner, with no differences leading to conflicts but in dynamic theater formats.
The Methodology Points are:
1. Principles of directing
2. Tools for understanding the text
3. Contact with the elements of the scene in order to help your cast
4. Contact points for actors to approach the text with different ways
5. Presentation of the work in distribution and First reading
6. Scene rate and measure
7. Ways to Distribute Roles
8. Entrepreneurship – Key points of collaboration and payment
9. Language and Behavior for Better Survival of Theater Groups
10. Bulling and demarcation
11. Meditation and Unity
Each participant should select a 15-20 minute One Act PLAY on which to work and present the work at the end of the workshop. The One Act play should have cast 3 to 5 roles in its distribution. Also, everyone will be involved in the projects of the rest as actors, in order to understand the tools of the director-actor collaboration.
A Certificate will be given at the end of the workshop to those who are no absent andhave presented their project.
At the end of the workshop there will be a presentation of the works that will be directed by the members of the group of directors in a central theater in Athens.
TERM | January 28th – June 10th
Where | ΖΟΟΜ
Day | Thursday
Time | 16:00-17:30
T: 694 721 8195